"I've been fortunate enough to call basketball games for 25+ years....I've never seen anything like what I saw today. The dude scored 72.....55 after halftime......only had 7 made free throws. 72."

- Mike Byker , Sports Information Director Dordt College

"I started playing the game of basketball at a very young age. For as long as I could remember I have had a dream of playing professional basketball. Coming out of high school, I took a super unconventional route. Starting out as a college football player, I wound up playing college basketball at a tiny college.


Overlooked and unheard of, I continued to bring all I had every single night. After leading the entire country at any level in scoring in college, I was given the opportunity to sign with an agency, then my first professional team, KB Trepca in Kosovo and now Sluneta in Czech Republic. I want to invite you to follow me and my journey as we are just getting started!"